Fee Structure at ATH


The Aviation Training Hub is home to a strong management and training team. Our Senior Management and Management teams drive and implement strategies in coordination with our international Board of Directors and Advisors. Additionally, our experienced Programs Approvals teams spread over our campuses across Pakistan ensure adherence to local and global regulators.

Quality Managers at ATH help ensure adherence to international standards through quality audits and staff trainings. Our training team includes qualified, skilled and experienced instructors across all campuses.

The Aviation Training Hub's commitment and investments in human resources reflects our vision to be the de facto aviation training institution in Pakistan promoting the aviation industry locally and globally.

The Fee Structure for the academic year 2019 to 2020 is listed below. There will be additional charges for students going to Flying Schools for their practical training

Registration Fee
One time Fee at the time of Submission and payable in (2) Two Monthly installments
Monthly Tution Fee
Exam Registration Fee
One time Payable fee Which is valid for 10 Years
Exam Paper Fee